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At Dance Philosophy, we provide a variety of exceptional dance and fitness classes for all ages. We strive to instill healthy habits for the mind and body while cultivating life-long professionalism, resilience, and discipline skills.  In addition to quality instruction, students will make memories that will last a lifetime!

When did a lifelong love of dance and fitness sprout?

Meghan’s love began at the young age of three when she began studying ballet and tap at the Larkin Dance Studio in Maplewood, MN. An instant passion formed, and she joined the competition team at age five. By age eight she explored modeling, television spots as well as dabbling in musical theater. Wanting to expand her skill set, she entered the world of gymnastics and vocal lessons, unfortunately with her plate full at the studio performing in competitions, state fairs, and parades she just could not fit it all in. As a teen she began helping younger students fine tune their choreography and skills, allowing her to create a bond and foster a new generation of dancers find their passion for dance. 

What helped her roots grow into a strong foundation?

During her competitive years, Meghan won regional and national titles for solo, duet and group dances. The summer between high school and college, she was asked to assist at West Coast Dance Explosion by founders Alan Sherfield and John Crutchman. This convention experience not only brought real-life practical knowledge by traveling the country but also created mentorships by being able to assist other faculty like Dee and Tina Caspery.  College was upon her and she wanted to attend a college that would help her pursue an upper degree while still maintaining a focus in dance. Enter California State University Long Beach (CSULB for California natives), and she began her college career with a Dance and Kinesiology focus. With her major underway, she was also certified as a BASI Pilates Instructor and eventually finishing with a bachelor’s degree in dance sciences. During her time in college, she was also invited to join Nate Hodges’ RhetOracle Dance Company. This contemporary based company taught her many skills including a focus in contemporary and modern dance, as well as acting qualities.

How did her career blossom?

Meghan continued working in fitness and physical therapy facilities as a Pilates instructor. She learned the process of goal setting and trained clients from CSULB Women’s volleyball team, NBA players, aided with rehabilitation clients, Olympic athletes and elderly clients who had never known about resistance training. During this time, she fostered her relationship with her now husband Tim and they married in 2011. Her husband landed a job with the Bakersfield Fire Department, which brought her to our local community, which reminds her so much of home. The seasons (the days of snow), the small-town feel, and the surrounding greenery. Meghan opened Core Philosophy, a home based and virtual Pilate’s studio; and has been a staple in many dancers lives coaching ballet, contemporary and musical theater. She has choreographed several award-winning competition teams within our local community and with over 20 years’ experience she is positioned to create lasting fundamentals for great dancers.

Why is her passion to grow others?

To bring joy to others lives is what drives Meghan and her passion in the studio. When she sees a dancer's face light up after they have just accomplished a goal or performed brilliantly on stage, Meghan feels a sense of accomplishment to know that she cultivated a blossoming flower. She strives to educate her clients and dancers about the inter-workings of the body so that everyone can exercise and perform to the best of their ability without injury. With strong encouragement, Meghan hopes individuals will strive even more to accomplish their goals, pushing past any obstacles that come their way.

Who is Meghan outside of the studio?

When she is not teaching at the studio, Meghan is usually playing with her two young beautiful girls or cheering them on at dance, gymnastics and soccer. She enjoys spending time in her backyard, gardening her plants and tending to the chickens which gives her peace and calmness from the hustle and bustle. When she wants to get out of town, Meghan, her husband Tim and two girls pack up and head to the forest to enjoy the beauty of camping in the outdoors.


Meghan Boggess

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Cassandra Wilsted


Starting at the age of 6 Cassie starting cheering for the local youth football team, TYF. While cheering competitively throughout her adolescence, she also studied gymnastics and dance at local studios. At age 14 she tried out for high school cheer. The team traveled to and won many national and regional titles. After two years of high school cheer she went on to join a traveling competition cheer squad which pursued her main passion within cheer, competing. They won many titles as well. Finding at her core that she truly loved athletics she joined the high school cross country team, fostering a love for running she still holds today. Her senior year she moved to Santa Clarita to pursue a career in acting and singing. She was awarded a scholarship through the Santa Clarita school of performing arts. She also studied theater and dance through Antelope Valley College. She performed in multiple local performances. After two years of pursuing this career she moved home to be closer to family and start a career in real estate.  Shortly after moving home she meet her now husband, Tyler. They soon married and started a family. He bought the very first DSLR camera she had ever owned for her first Mother’s Day gift. This fostered a love for photography that has since grown into a thriving business. Along with her career, caring for her awesome 6 kids who share her love for dance, she has also assisted Acro classes and taught photography for many years.  She is incredibly passionate about teaching and loves to see her students awarded for their hard work through constant progression. She is continuing her gymnastic studies through USA Gymnastic in hopes to provide the most enriching Acro classes possible to her students. 

Amanda Sabo


Amanda began her ballet education at the age of three and has trained with several different instructors over the years. Dance (especially contemporary ballet) has helped her express herself and helped her exercise her creativity. She has successfully completed five Royal Academy of Dance exams: Discovering Repertoire, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, and Advanced One. Additionally, Amanda has performed with the Antelope Valley Ballet for several years, dancing in their productions of Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella. Amanda values ballet training for its benefits including improved musicality and poise, as well as increased concentration and thought processing abilities which carry over to many other areas of life. Amanda is currently pursuing her registered teacher status with the Royal Academy of Dance in addition to a degree in performing arts.
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Micayla Nielsen


Micayla started dancing in 2011 at 14 years old. She learned under the instruction of Mrs. Joy Handy RAD RTS and learned many things over the years. She has taught dance for 10 years and specializes in Contemporary/Modern. She is certified in Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) and has also passed her Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Intermediate Ballet Exam and RAD Advanced Foundation Ballet Exam.  She loves her students and loves watching them grow and progress in their unique talents! She also loves sharing her passion for dance with each of them! Micayla is excited to come back to dance after taking a year off and looks forward to many more years of teaching!
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Carrie Perkins


Carrie took her first dance class when she was five years old. She fell in love quickly, and began competing with her studio, Dance Connection in Concord, CA. Her specialties include jazz, lyrical, contemporary and musical theater. Carrie was a choreographer for her high school dance team, and that is where she began teaching dance. She taught and supervised the younger and lower dance teams her Junior and Senior year. She then taught at Studio 8 Performing Arts Center before contributed to the Elite Dance Company at UC Davis. When Carrie is not teaching dance, you will find her teaching 5th Grade at Golden Hills Elementary.  She has her Masters in Education and has been teaching for five years now. Clearly, she has a passion for teaching in general! Her and her husband Tyler welcomed their first child, Jameson, into the world on May 18th. She is excited to contribute to the start of Dance Philosophy! 

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Diane Kimball
Substitute Instructor


Diane began dancing like most young girls at the age of 4 and taking her first ballet class. Wanting to try different things, she decided to take a break after her first year. In high school she decided to pick up the skill again. Taking every class she could fit into her schedule at her Performing Arts High School in Simi Valley, CA as well as at her local studio. She eventually joined both the studio competitive dance team and made the dance team in high school. Wanting to continue dancing into college, she signed up for a dance major at Moorpark community college where she learned various styles outside of her norm of ballet, jazz and lyrical. She also took various courses in dance history. While in college she auditioned to be a dancer in the parades at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. She got the roles as a gingerbread cookie in the A Christmas Fantasy Parade, as well as other roles in the Parade of the Stars. Needing to change gears, she decided to switch her college major to Interior Design. Now with her two daughters in dance class, the love of dance has sparked again. Diane likes being creative in her spare time by quilting, playing piano and decorating her house. She loves to camp with her husband Darin and their two children, as well as travel the country/world to help feed the travel bug. Being silly and trying new things area also always up her alley.

Dance Philosophy is a dance studio located in Tehachapi, CA in the Golden Hills area. We offer a variety of dance classes for ages 3 - adult including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, pointe, contemporary, musical theater, acrobatics, dance conditioning and Pilates.

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