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     We are thrilled to announce our upcoming dance recital Legendary, which will be held at the state of the art, Muroc Performing Arts Theatre. This event is the highlight of our dance season, and we can't wait to showcase the incredible talent of our dancers.  Tickets will be sold online starting May 11th.  Please remember to fill out the online base clearance form for anyone 18 years or older. Without the clearance form you will not be granted access to the active military installation.  

Dress Rehearsal - June 8th at 12:30

Legendary Recital - June 9th

Matinee Performance - 12:00pm

Evening Performance -  5:00pm

Recital 2024

Picture Day 2024

Capture the memories of your recital experience with a professional photo session with Cassandra Wilstead Photography. Our dancer photo shoot will take place on May 11th at Dance Philosophy Studio, and packages and pricing details can be found in the link below. Don't miss this opportunity to create lasting memories!

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